The aim of the Club is to provide the opportunity for players to maximise their potential as basketball players, and provide the opportunity to become elite senior players.  To enable this it is important for players to get international exposure by competing in overseas tournaments or training camps.  These tours also allow the Club to build up relationships with overseas clubs and senior club coaches that may provide opportunities for Hornets’ players in the future.

The tours allows the players to see the standard and style of play of teams outside the UK, which an be of a very high standard and more physical.  Our players come back from these tours extremely motivated.

2016 – Cistierna Leon , Spain

Head Boys coach Lee Mcarthy will be travelling this summer with players to take part in an elite training camp
at the Campus Roberto Morentin in Spain.

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2014 (August) – Ourense, Spain

Tour Ourense 2014 for website


2011 (August) – Barcelona, Spain

The Club took 2 teams to compete at the “27th Unnim Basketball Tournament”  in Spain.  Bucks Hornets “Black” under Lee and Bucks Hornets “Gold” under Joe.  Both teams played teams 1 or 2 years older than themselves in the 1994 -95 age division, with the Black being made up of ’95 and ’96, and Gold purely of ’96 players.  In seperate pools, Black went on to win 2 of their 3 pool game (only losing the other by 3 pts), with Gold winning 1 from 3 (with 2 narrow defeats).  Wioth Black through to the semi final, a narrow defeat to CB Vic (45:56) left the Hornets in joint 3rd place, but also knowiing that the beat the eventual champions SA Suria 47:40 in the pool games, and were more than capable to compete with these older European teams.

2010 (July) – Springfield, USA

In July 2010 we were invited to compete in the ‘Basketbull Hall of Fame’ National Invitational Tournament in Springfield USA, the home of Basketball and is one where USA Colleges in the slightly older age groups look to recruit their players.

Not one to turn down a challenge to compete against the best teams in Eastern USA and Canada, we took a team to compete in the U15 and U16 events.

2009 – Bulgaria

2008 – Barcelona, Spain