Basketball Training

Basketball players are incredible athletes. They are fast, agile and lean, and they also have excellent endurance and powers of recovery.

A typical NCAA Division I player can complete the 40 yard speed test in 5 seconds and can jump over 70cm in the vertical jump test making them exceptionally powerful and quick. It’s no surprise that strength conditioning and plyometric training composes an important part of elite players’ training. Both strength and power training has been consistently shown to improve speed, acceleration and jumping ability.

Other than strength, speed and power, basketball players must possess excellent endurance. Whereas a distance runner or cyclist requires excellent low-intensity aerobic endurance, basketball players are expected to repeat multiple high-intensity activities with minimal rest periods. Speed endurance becomes an important factor, as does the ability to tolerate a high production of blood lactate.

As you’ll see in the articles below, basketball players make some very specific demands on their body. To be truly effective, your basketball training should reflect those demands…

Strength Training for Basketball.

Plyometrics for Basketball.