rocketsReturning to the venue of our only loss this season by one point to Reading’s premier side in the cup made the whole team ready to get a win in the venue.

We went in with our usual game plan. A solid first quarter put Hornets ahead as well as identifying Reading’s main threats. Their fast point guard’s ability to drive was nullified by Baraka Noel and Sam Nicholson’s excellent defence.

However their number 9 hit a hot streak in the second quarter hitting three tough 3 pointers bringing Reading back to within 3 points of the lead. With a tactic adaption by Coach McCarthy at half time number 9 was quiet for the rest of the game with Josh Hughes and Ashton Linney sticking right to him for the rest of the game.

This adaption in Hornets’ defensive tactics lead to a strong 3rd quarter, holding the Rockets to just 6 points. This paired with the high-low passing against the Rockets’ zone defence led to the Hornets retaining their undefeated record in the league. Andy Forsyth with yet another double-double and a huge 32 points as top scorer.