IMG_5780London United II 49 – Bucks Hornets 73

With the side now settled into the season with numbers at training beginning to increase the U18 men’s side dealt particularly well with a scrappy and in some cases rough London United side. Despite some aggressive moments by the opposition including an un-sportsmen like foul on Andy Forsyth causing him to sit the rest of the game out with a knee injury Hornets kept their heads and dominated the game from start to finish. This game brought some great moments with some flashy passing and 2 moments where Baraka and Andy almost dunked on a London United player. With some refining of our defence mid way through the game it was a comfortable victory for a Hornets team that has now jelled into a team ready to contend for the league. We just need to remember “defence wins games”. A great performance from Josh Hughes should be noted at top score with 19 along with his 8 rebounds.