Hornets U16 girls won a decisive 62 – 39 victory at the weekend, playing West Herts Warriors away at Queens School, Bushy.

In only their second game of the season, the girls quickly found their rhythm starting the scores within the first 30 seconds. The teamwork was smooth and points well spread, including an impressive 3pt shot from Morgan Davis and quick response rebounds from Ciara Belsham. The girls lead 21-8 after the first quarter.

Warriors battled back in the 2nd quarter, closing on our girls to bring the scores tighter at 30-24. With all to play for in the third, the Hornets upped the pace with Ella Messetter adding 10 to the score including 2 3pt shots, and some tenacious defence from Mollie Baars and Morgan Davis. Hornets lead 44-32.

Charlotte Brooker gave Hornets a fantastic start to the final quarter, scoring three baskets on the bounce and the brilliant passing game kept the Hornets ahead with a final score of 62-39. Top scorers Ella Messetter 24, Kiylo Solgabade 13, Ciara Belsham 8.

Coach Heidi Jenner, reflecting on the win, added “Under double team pressure, when the girls moved and worked for each other the game opened up. I love these girls they have a great team spirit and they give it a 100% when they are in a match.”

The girls next match is Sunday 1st November at AVA vs Hounslow Hawks.